In life, human beings are guided by many theories. The way we behave is in most of the times defined by the principles that motivate us towards certain behavior. Philosophers are interested in describing why people behave the way they do. They are keen to know if we feel to be acting in the right manner. Hedonism is one of the theories that determine the behavior of human beings. Hedonism puts our behavior to be governed by only two aspects. These two aspects are pleasure and pain. How well we balance these two elements in life determines the quality of life that we live and how much we enjoy our lives. It is however not certain what motivates individuals to behave the way that they do. Hedonism is applied differently by different people. Philosophers do not agree with all the forms in which hedonism is applied. I have discussed below two forms of hedonism and how each makes people happy.

Hedonistic Egoism

This one advocates for people to behave in the manner that makes them happy. It does not allow one to suffer from the pressure of making other people happy. It is centered in one’s interests only. One does not care about how his or her actions affect the other person. It discredits the value of any consequences of our actions that may cause pain to others. So long your deeds and actions leave you happy, it does not matter what the other person feels. This form of hedonism withdraws all form of pain and concentrates on attaining happiness. This type of hedonism does not care whether one draws pleasure by making others suffer. It is what is used by the habitual lawbreakers. Thieves and murders may be affected by this form of hedonism. Even in the education system, such people will take up any opportunity and won’t mind what happens to the other people.

Hedonistic Utilitarianism

These are the people that believe behaving in the right manner is the best way to achieve happiness. They are not self centered and are mindful of their friends. It is different from Hedonistic Egoism because it focuses on the happiness of all the parties involved. It has some moral value that requires people to mind of their friends and family. In most cases, it is objected by philosophers. The reason is that many people take advantage of the relationship that they have with individuals practicing Hedonistic Utilitarianism.