Ten Unique Topics For Creating A Compare And Contrast Essay On Facebook Vs. Twitter

Social media has seen a massive impact online, with most people having access to at least one social media account. There are a number of reasons as to why people choose one social network over another, or indeed have more than one account. The two major players in the world of social media are Twitter and Facebook. Both have different features unique to its platform, but the two platforms also have a number of things in common. Below are a few topic ideas for a student’s compare and contrast dissertation.

  1. How Are Facebook and Twitter Used To Express Ideas?
    • How does each platform help spread the user’s message or viewpoint to other users?
    • What tools are unique to that particular platform and do they hinder or help the user.
  2. Why Was Each Platform Introduced Into The Domain?
    • Explain the origin of each social network.
    • Students could also explain within their essay or homework as to how each platform has evolved since it was first introduced.
  3. Is There a Pattern As To Why People Tend To Prefer One Social Network Over Another?
    • Explore people’s opinions on why they like or dislike either platform.
    • What are the reasons that some may select a particular social network?
  4. What Are The Security Concerns Surrounding Facebook and Twitter?
    • Explain the fears among the online community regarding the online information.
    • Research as to what procedures have been introduced by either company to alleviate its customer’s fears.
  5. Which Social Network Helps Spread Viral News Quicker
    • Within your term paper, look at what methods are employed to help spread some viral posts or videos to a social network’s user base quickly.
    • Research as to how each platform’s user base assists with the sharing of such content.
  6. Can Facebook and Twitter Work In Partnership?
    • Explain what features are in place that connect a user’s Facebook and Twitter account.
    • Do such features enrich a user’s experience, or do they find themselves hindered?
  7. How Do Businesses Take Advantage of Twitter and Facebook
    • Is there a specific person that could benefit from social networks in the business world, i.e. a freelance worker?
    • Are the costs incurred for advertising on both platforms deems satisfactory?
  8. Could An Online User Operate Without Either Social Network?
    • Students could research as to whether a person would be happy to dismiss one platform in favour of another?
    • What would be the ramifications for the user should they dismiss a particular social network?
  9. Which Social Network Is Best For Those New To The World of Social Media?
    • Consider the signup process, ease-of-use and aesthetics for a new user to the world of social media.
    • Should new users embrace all platforms, or start with one and then move to the other?
  10. Which Platform Is Best For Spreading Brand Awareness?
  • Research what social network is preferred for businesses looking to market their brand or campaign.
  • Do users dismiss such branding campaigns on either platform?