Industrial Revolution – Positive Spin-Offs


The advent of Industrial Age sometime during the beginning of the eighteenth century came about with great fervor primarily in England. Before the dawn of Industrial age, the livelihood and sustenance of people came predominantly from agriculture and farming. The impact upon the day to day life of an average human being as a result of the introduction of machines, new inventions and manner of production of hitherto unseen goods and products led to a totally new way of thinking and the very approach to life itself.

Contemporary lifestyle and positive changes

Now, in the modern era, we people, having been so used to the materialistic comforts and attendant pleasures, brought about by the machine manufactured goods and privileges, simply fail to understand as to how it was humanly possible to carry on with life in the earlier times without such mundane facilities such as electricity for instance, that we now simply take for granted.

Well, the truth is that people don’t realize the availability of something until such time that it ceases to be in existence. The converse that people don’t miss something which has never been in existence also seems true.

The single most beneficial impact of industrial revolution as I see is the continued and seemingly limitless scientific growth and the vastly improved scientific temper among people in general. This has contributed massively to the very significant growth of world economies in terms of greater GDP resulting seamlessly in the vastly improved standard of living of people all over the world. The internet revolution which is believed to have started somewhat haltingly in the late sixties leading eventually to its growth on gigantic proportions is in a way the very natural offshoot of the well-entrenched scientific consciousness and universal scientific research.

It is no exaggeration to say that the ever growing academic pursuits in numerous fields of research and mammoth industrial growth in all countries big and small, developed and developing has indeed taken care of every conceivable materialistic need of people thereby vastly enhancing the quality of lives people lead in general.


Let it not be forgotten that the industrial revolution which set off a chain reaction from the early 18th century was the true harbinger of all of the scientific and technological advancements that we experience and enjoy today. I am inclined to believe that the Industrial Age is still in full force and the way new discoveries and new inventions are introduced almost with the same level of fervor with which it started, it may be several centuries before we see the last phase of the Industrial Revolution.