The importance of health and hygiene cannot be overestimated in the modern world. The emerging techniques and innovative ideas have revolutionized the medical field and provided valuable advantage to the humanity. Keeping in view this, the government of United State of America decided to introduce an innovative program related to the up gradation of health system. This was done under the president ship of President Barak Obama in 2010. The health care bill was passed by the parliament and implemented henceforth.

Although the term OBAMACARE was originally formulated by the rivals of the bill, the president accepted the term open heartedly and conceded to it. The president said that he cared for the health of the masses and the term used by the opponents was acceptable to him. The act is originally called the Affordable Care Act and is designed to provide health insurance to millions of people who are uninsured in one way or the other. The main target of this bill was to provide insurance to the whole American nation by 2014. Amid much hue and cry by the opponents and the lawsuits filed against it, the bill was not rejected by the court and remained implemented.

Since the passage of the bill, majority of the citizens have got health insurance via the company sponsored plan. This made the companies responsible for the health insurance of the employees and it was the point of concern for the stake holders. In 2013, the opponents denounced the bill and called it the killer bill. They were of the opinion that by making companies liable to the health insurance of the people, the government has put the future of thousands of companies at stake. However, the row is still persistent between the rivals and supporters regarding this bill. Despite its flaws, the Obamacare bill is a good addition in he policy making of the United State of America and chances are there that more rational and suitable policies would be announced in the future.