The Top 20 Best Expository Essay Topics To Consider

For an expository essay, you need to analyze and explain a certain issue using evidence and facts. It is recommended to be entirely objective and to avoid introducing your opinion or experience. All the content needs to be written from a neutral perspective, and the topic has to be deeply researched. Even when you write about a social issue that is not well-documented in books, you will still build your arguments starting from facts. These expository essay topics will give you a good point to start from:

  1. Vaccines. There are significant debates on this subject lately, and you can use this in your interest. Mention why they are good or bad and use quotes from research papers.
  2. Obsessive compulsive disorder. This disorder is intriguing for many people and scientific information about it can be very interesting.
  3. Genetic profile. By using this new procedure, we can find out if we are likely to develop genetic disorders and how we can delay their appearance.
  4. Discrimination. Even the most developed countries have this social issue; it can affect not only individuals, but also large communities.
  5. IQ. Present information about IQ testing and make a complete description of the process.
  6. Fast food. So many people eat it, but not all of them know the damaging effect that it can have.
  7. Pollution. Introduce official statistics from your country and a few simple things that anyone can do to prevent it.
  8. Allergies. There are times when people are exposed to a substance for so long, that they develop strong allergies against it.
  9. Raw Vegan diet. Some nutritionists say that this is the best diet, while others say that eating only raw food can cause imbalances in our body.
  10. Electric cars. Are electric cars the future? How could this improve our society?
  11. Online shopping. More and more people prefer to buy things from the internet instead of actually going to a store.
  12. Globalization. Some sociologists say that this will affect, on the long term, the individuality of every culture.
  13. Social structure. Present the elements and bring common examples to make the information understandable.
  14. Organ donation. This procedure saved many lives, and it is considered to be one of the miracles of modern medicine.
  15. Color therapy. It is effective especially for people who can’t communicate well, but we can apply its principles in our daily activities.
  16. Scents. Many research papers prove that smelling a particular perfume or fragrance can influence our mood and even our health.
  17. Noise pollution. Even if not everyone is aware of it, it is a concerning factor in all big cities.
  18. Autism. Autistic people can’t normally communicate with others, but they are very often talented in arts.
  19. Global warming. In the last years, the effects of this process became more and more evident and the climate is changing from year to year.
  20. Using animal gelatin in cosmetic products. So many people are not aware of the ingredients that one can find in standard products like lipstick or lotions.