The 14 Best Persuasive Essay Topics On Sports

Sports essays are something which students naturally warm up to. However, it is all about writing; not playing a game and soon their interest begins to wane and taper. Thus, a bit of persuasion is required and the genre of persuasive sports essays come into the fray.

Space for debate

Persuasive essays are a piece of work where the topic is slightly contentious or open to debate if you will. It does not work on a maxim; it explores a relatively fragile territory and asks your opinion on the matter. Needless to say, the opinions of different people may be as different as chalk and cheese.

Understanding of the game

While writing a persuasive essay, it helps if you gain thorough understanding of the game first and the specific tone of the topic next. You should also be in a position to tackle the topic from different perspectives. The more you weave the perspectives; the more interesting your written piece becomes.

Smooth and definitive

You should also venture to craft a sturdy conclusion backed by powerful theories and even some facts and figures. Do not leave things in the dark and practice dart shots. You should pave a concrete path where walking may be smooth and definitive.

Show a new light

You should be diligent in picking up nuggets from genuine sources; writers who have spectacular grip of the subject. This will lend credence to your persuasive essay. You should also work towards finding a potent solution, which may show the discipline a new light.

Here are 14 interesting persuasive sports essay topics

  1. Sportsmen should be allowed the intake of steroids before hectic games, such a running of a Marathon
  2. Weight regulation should not be a mandatory factor for horse racing
  3. Golf should be injected with a new pace and direction to make it more interesting
  4. Sportsmen should be banned from endorsing products or taking sides
  5. The game of Football should be marginalized on the aggression front
  6. Sports injuries are more because of indiscretion; less because of mishaps
  7. League games diminish the motivation factor for players when they represent their country
  8. Team games should be given priority over individual games in Olympics
  9. Card games like Blackjack should be encouraged as fair and skilful games; not gambling gimmicks
  10. Sportsmen should declare the exercise regimen they follow for preparation
  11. Boxing is more a game of instinct than planning
  12. T20 games should be banned or regulated to protect the heritage of tests in Cricket
  13. The Negroid race should carry handicap in sprint races as they are naturally endowed to be better at sprints
  14. Tennis players should play with the same racquet to ensure equanimity