7 Unusual Essay Topics On Education For College Students

Education is a valuable part of our society. Not only does it provide us with the knowledge we will eventually require to succeed in our career, but also it gives us an immeasureable communicational and social experience. Indeed, how can one find a better way to be integrated into a society, than by going to school or to college? Nevertheless, like any branch of society, it has to research new methods and upgrade itself to keep up with the changing requirements of our time, and that requires substantial research and resources. So, here are some topics regarding education to consider.

  1. Virtual reality – a key to future education.
  2. Virtual reality can be a substantial addition to educational program in many areas. For example, a surgeon can practice any kind of operation without actually hurting someone, or a pilot can receive a lifelike piloting experience. Describe possible applications of this technology and its possible impact on the educational area as a whole.

  3. Individual education – pros and cons.
  4. While certainly having particular advantages, individual education clearly has some cons. What do you think makes individual education increasingly popular nowadays? Are there any ways to integrate this kind of education into a formal rubric?

  5. How do teacher-student relationships influence the progress of students?
  6. Some teachers tend not to be objective when evaluating their students. There can be many or reasons for it, and there is certainly a lot to discuss about it. Why do some teachers have favorite students, and how does this affect the student’s progress?

  7. What is the most popular branch of education nowadays?
  8. This is an old argument about who’s the best. It is always interesting to research.

  9. Technological augmentation in education: risks and possibilities.
  10. Redmond Kurzweil suggested that computers will transcend our physiology by 2020. It is quite possible that we will eventually get cybernetic implants to increase our performance. How might such augmentations affect education?

  11. The impact of virtual entertainment on education.
  12. Many people share a belief that virtual entertainment, such as computer games, decreases a student’s learning potential. Confirm or refute this statement. What are the actual influences of virtual entertainment on education?

  13. Age and gender factors in education.
  14. There are a handful of researchers who believe that sex and age affect one’s capabilities to learn. Some of them even draw correlations between different subjects. So how do age and gender actually influence education?