Effects Of War

War is a phenomenon that is common today and in the past. The Effects of War can be very devastating in any given nation. Countries and states that experience or go through war may need a lot of time to recover from its effects. The devastating effects of war may include death, injuries, loss of families, disruption of economic activities and emotional trauma among others. The effects of war may be experienced by soldiers at war, their families, and the citizens of a nation. The economy of the particular country undergoing war may be adversely affected. Though some countries and their citizens may have the belief that war brings about peace, there is nothing good about war. This is because during wars, there is the disruption of peace for the people.

Effects of War on Children

Children can be more affected by occurrences of war than any other group of people. The war can be traumatizing for children. Witnessing of some incidents in the event of war can have devastating effects on children. One of the major effects of War on children is the fact that children develop fear as they become traumatized by events. Recovery may be difficult and almost impossible or may be very hard for these children. Some children may also learn negatively from war events. They end up learning and looking at violence as a way of solving issues and conflicts. The worst thing is that innocent children may become victims of war. Some may get injured in the process, worse though, some children may be killed in the wars. Education for children may also come to a stop during the period when a country is experiencing wars. Disruption of learning for children is a disadvantage.

Effects of War Economically

The effects of war in a country become a major blow to the economy. The economic activities in a country are interrupted by war. In times of war, people are likely to stay indoors and refuse to go to work. This is due to the fear of being killed or injured. Production in any country experiencing war may go down and result in economic instability. Recovery for the country may require a lot of efforts. Crops in farms may also be burnt down depending on the nature of the war. In case of this, the country may suffer food insecurity. Destruction of industries and factories during the war can be a major blow to the economy of a nation.