Are Children More Socialized Or Smarter Because Of The Internet?

Children have access to the internet from the age of three or four these days. They start off with educational games on the internet, iPads for small children, and even television shows that encourage them to go to the internet with their parents to continue the fun. By the time they are ten they have cell phones and tablets of their very own and know how to use them better than their parents do. But is all of this technology helping them?

While these children have full access to the internet most of them, don’t use it for educational purposes as much as they should. They could use it to be better informed about all kinds of things, but they rarely do so. Some kids are smarter because of their access to the internet; however, most use it for fun rather than for learning. With better parental guidance maybe they would all be smarter for it though.

As for their socialization, children learn to socialize at a very young age the old fashioned way, with play dates and friends. By the time, they have access to the internet for social media purposes they should already have friends. Some believe that social media eliminates the need for real human contact and makes us less social because we are all in rooms alone “talking” to our friends. Most of the people kids have as friends on social media are more acquaintances than friends anyway.

Most kids use social media too much in the place of human contact and the internet too little to help with learning. A case could be made that all of this technology isn’t helping because it is being use wrong. If parents were to teach their children from a young age when and why to use the internet than maybe kids would be smarter for it. As far as more socialized, most don’t believe that messages are the same as the kind of socialization they get in school with actual human friends in front of them.

While it is not widely believed that the Internet has made children smarter or more social, some believe that with the right guidance they could become more of both. The Internet has a great potential in this capability. Kids just need to spend more time looking up educational information than they spend on YouTube and make real friends in the real world as well as on the internet.