Nursing Ethics

This is the code of behavior that they are supposed to exhibit so as to attain the highest standards of health care possible. Patients have got trust for their nurses and thus place their well-being and health in the hands of the nurses. It is therefore important that ethics is followed so as to assure quality care as expected by the customers. Nurses are thus guided by a code of ethics that they should follow every day in their endeavors to provide quality health care. These codes are made known to newly graduated nurses before they can be sent to the field. It is also reminded to nurses that have been in the service for long. They are charged with the responsibility of making sure that the patients are accorded the best of health care.

Treat Patients with Dignity

Nurses are supposed to treat all patients in the hospital equally. When one is in a hospital and is sick, they should all be treated as equals. The nature of the disease and how unpleasant or contagious a disease is does not give them the choice. All patients deserve to be treated equally. There is no issue of class and all patients are equals. Nurses can nod discriminate patients because of class, wealth, position, gender, race and religion. As long as all need health care, no one is higher than the other and no one should be given any preference due to their social class or any other factors other than health.


Nurses are supposed to do all it takes so as to offer the best form of care for their patients. They are thus allowed to ask or dig for any information about the patient that will be of help to them in providing the health care needed. However, patients have a right to confidentiality and the nurses must not disclose any information given to them by their patients. In special cases, it may become important for the patients health information to be disclosed to someone else. It can only be to someone who is close to the patient or one that is directly involved with the patients care. In these cases, the nurse has to discuss this with the patient and it is purely their right to agree or disagree with it. It must be clearly explained to the patient that withholding the information may only bring harm to them. There are set laws that should be followed before disclosing patients information.