Tiger Woods Golf Career

Born in 1975, Eldrick Woods nicknamed Tiger by his father of African American decent. Tiger a naturally gifted golf player, took up golfing at a young age as at age three he shoot a forty eight over nine hole. He claimed the U.S junior Amateur championship at the age of 15 in 1991 becoming the youngest winner of the title which he also reclaimed the next two years. Woods went on to claim the U.S amateur championship in 1994, the year he enrolled at Stanford University where he also won the collegiate title in 1996. After the successfully winning the U.S Amateur title for the third consecutive year he turned professional on the August of 1996.

Professional Career

The entrance of Tiger Woods into the sports stardom has revolutionized Golf as a sport, with a professional career that started with being named PGA Tour’s Rookie of the Year. Popular to fans for his booming long game, mental toughness and his expertise in chipping and placing golf ball, it become even harder for opponents to play against him. A career full of breaking records and consecutive victories had just been brought to the limelight. In 1999, he won eight PGA tournaments to become the first golfer in over two decades to do so in a span of a year. The following year he proved to be a tiger in golf course and not in the woods, made history in the U.S open, completed the grand slam of four major championships and also recorded the largest winning margin at a major tournament. Back to back wins of master title in 2001 and 2002 came with a winless run of any major tournament till 2005 where he won the masters and British open. By 2007 Tiger Woods had already won any major tournament or championship titles that included 13 major championships. Knee injuries and accidents led to poor runs on the golf course that led indefinite leave from the golf.

The fall of Tiger Woods

After a successful career that involved titles and records, Woods career started to crumble with his guiding force and father dies most thought his career could be sooner rather than later. But his off field antics that involved car accidents that led to media scrutiny and also the numerous extramarital affairs which destroyed his reputation and subsequent loss of million dollar endorsements. Since then Tiger Woods has only tried to show the glimpses of his greatness, also with a lot of injuries in recent years has resulted in losing the world number one spot in golf that he had gained in 2013.