Top 16 Process Analysis Essay Topics For High School Students

A process analysis essay is an essay that is designed to show the reader how to use or how to do something. It is a step by step guide that gives directions about the topic in chronological order. These essays are not too hard to write of you choose a topic that you have experience about. You should pick something that you have or can get extensive knowledge about. Basically, you should be able to state clearly what the reader needs to do in order to complete the task that your topic focuses on. This type of essay is almost like you are giving tips to the reader.

  1. How to improve your study skills
  2. How to use Pinterest (or any other website of your choosing)
  3. a. If there is a website that you know how to use well, such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, or any other website that you can give advice about, you it for this topic.

  4. How to get over anxiety
  5. a. This topic is a pretty broad one. Try focusing on one type of anxiety so that you are not jumping all over the place. This could be test anxiety, dating anxiety, etc.

  6. How to be successful on exams
  7. How to write a poem
  8. a. Instead of a poem, you could also use essays or stories.

  9. How to apply to college
  10. How to ace your ACT or SAT exam
  11. How to manage your money
  12. How to learn another language
  13. How to succeed in a certain class
  14. a. The easiest way to do this topic is to choose a class that you are doing well in and give directions off of what you have been doing in order to be successful in the class.

  15. How to get around and survive without a car
  16. How to start a blog
  17. How to use debit and/or credit cards
  18. How to make new friends
  19. How to use a smartphone
  20. How to publish your writing (poems, stories, etc.)

Hopefully, the topics listed above can give you the head start that you need for your process analysis essay. Just remember to pick something that you can actually give directions about. Also, remember to not turn the paper into a list of things you are just telling the reader to do. You should give each direction in the form of a full sentence that give clear and precise advice. Your steps should be comprehensive and easy to follow and understand.