Top 22 Compare And Contrast Essay Topics On Christianity And Buddhism

While writing a compare and contrast essay, you need to conjure believable points of differences between two entities. You need to stir up some hornets so that the reader gets a feeling of assurance and also discern scopes of conflict.

An unbiased take

You need to be unprejudiced and cathartic while crafting these pieces. It of course depends on the topics you choose. For instance, we pick two religions; Christianity and Buddhism to compare and contrast. Here are 22 well-schemed topics in their context -

  1. Compare and contrast the ideologies of Buddhism and Christianity
  2. How does Buddhism compare against Christianity in terms of following
  3. Trace Buddhism and Christianity on account of the paths they desire their followers to take
  4. Place the remarkable rulers that propagated Buddhism and Christianity
  5. Compare and contrast the seeds of violence ingrained in Buddhism and Christianity
  6. Suggest the points of similarity between Buddhism and Christianity
  7. How do Buddhism and Christianity qualify in terms of relevance of the teachings of Lord Buddha and Lord Christ
  8. Compare and contrast the play with relics, if any, with Buddhism and Christianity
  9. Compare and contrast the socio-economic conditions during the time of initiation of Buddhism and Christianity
  10. Does the Middle Path have anything in reference to Christianity
  11. Compare and contrast the hardliner strategy that China (Buddhism) and USA (Christianity) take
  12. Is Lent nothing but an aberration of the penance ubiquitous in Buddhism
  13. Compare and contrast the leading places of pilgrimage regarding Buddhism and Christianity
  14. Is there a messianic connection between Buddhism and Christianity through the disciples of respective Gods
  15. Compare the eating freedom or lack of it in context with Buddhism and Christianity
  16. Compare the general restrictions imposed, if any, in Buddhism and Christianity
  17. Compare and contrast the fastidiousness of belief related to Buddhism and Christianity
  18. Is circumcision the main point of contrast between Buddhism and Christianity?
  19. Compare the festivals connected with Buddhism and Christianity
  20. Compare the rise, fall and spread of Buddhism and Christianity
  21. Contrast the thematic abidance to strictures between Buddhism and Christianity
  22. Craft a piece on items of practical celebrations utilized in Buddhism and Christianity

Use your discretion

You should endeavor to pick those essay topics that are strategic, relevant, energetic and interesting. You should also gather information from multiple sources so that your piece comes out s fresh and authoritative.

You should also make it a point to conjure topics and pen the compare and contrast pieces on frequent basis. This keeps you in the loop.