A List Of Good Topics To Write About: 7 Great Suggestions For Your Next Essay

When you are given an essay assignment in which you can pick your own topic, you should consider writing something that is both original and interesting to you and your readers. Your enthusiasm towards a topic that you are passionate about will come through in your writing and be a much more enjoyable read. Here is a list of seven great suggestions for your next essay:

  1. Border Patrol in the U.S: There have been ongoing efforts to patrol the southern border of the U.S., while making deportation laws stricter. Is there a hypocrisy involved when the U.S. has claimed to be a nation of blended cultures which was founded on immigrants?
  2. Genetic Cloning: Whenever genetic cloning comes up in conversation, you’re bound to hear to very passionate sides of the argument. Consider issues of ethics, experimental medicine and religion. Is this topic doomed to be fought over for decades or is there ground gaining behind either support or opposition?
  3. Plastic Surgery: The pros and cons of this subject is gaining momentum quickly, with the increase in cases of addiction and even death because of the plastic surgery procedures. Where do you stand on unnecessary procedures when they are often for cosmetic reasons? What about procedures for wound victims?
  4. Pharmaceutical Industry: For years the pharmaceutical companies have made and spent millions on drugs that have been later discovered to hold harmful side effects, and sometimes have even led to deaths. In these tragic cases companies will often settle to protect their name. Should they face greater consequences?
  5. Abortion and Women’s Rights: There appears to be no end to this controversial topic. Disagreement over this issue has led to rioting, picketing and even death. What can you write about that adds to the debate? In the unlikelihood that everything has been said and can we now look at coming to a conclusion?
  6. Capital Punishment: Death row inmates increase each year as many U.S. states have maintained their right to keep the death penalty, but have allowed various ways for inmates to delay by way of appeal. What does this say about the moral and ethical questions over the death penalty?
  7. Ethnic Adoption: This topic is gaining momentum as it’s become increasingly easier for couples to adopt foreign born babies. Is this resolution ethical or does it bring up the notion of unethically bypassing citizenship laws?