A List Of Interesting Race Essay Topics For College Students

The issue of race is usually a divisive one. It is generally accepted that the human race had its beginnings in East Africa over one hundred thousand years ago and we now refer to as different races sprung up as a result of different environmental conditions that humanity encountered having migrated out of Africa.

The use of race as a topic of academic inquiry has had a very sketchy past. Many so called academics with a clear racist bias have constructed flimsy theories about connections between physical traits and intellectual abilities that have later been proven to be false. Even the evidence which some of them claimed to have acquired was often purposely fabricated. Regardless of this, many of these theories were used to promote eugenics, the idea that only people from ‘good stock’ should be allowed to pass on their genetic material. This resulted in the forced sterilization, attempted genocides and many other racist policies.

If you intend to write on race, bear these in mind and choose your topics carefully. Here are some that can be considered:

  • The Eugenics myth: How a false theory of race resulted in the deaths of millions
  • Mules and Miscegenation laws: How a misunderstanding of the connectivity of humanity helped keep mixed race marriages illegal for decades
  • Immigration Policies and Race: How America maintained a Caucasian majority in its population
  • Immigrant classification: What ethnicities and nationalities are allowed to be considered ‘expats’
  • Diversity embraced: A case study on Canada’s decision to promote tolerance and welcome skilled immigrants from all over the world
  • Blurred Lines of Ethnicity: To what extent are people who identify as one race actually mixed with another?
  • Reasons for war: An examination of the cultural differences that can bring almost identical ethnic groups to war
  • Racism in Brazil: How a multi-ethnic society redefines race for a complex system of discrimination
  • The one drop rule: Why mixed race people are often classified by the race of the darker skinned parent
  • A future without race: How globalization may eventually erase noticeable differences between ethnic groups
  • Race vs Ethnicity: which concept hold more weight?

Many of these topics may seem to have inflammatory titles and will therefore need to be handled with care so as not to be offensive. The subject of race is often like that and if you intend to write on it, you will need to be prepared for that.