A List Of Solid Public Policy Essay Topics To Write About

Public policy is basically the system of laws, guidelines, funding priorities, regulatory measures, and courses of action that are decreed by a government or any of its entities. As it’s a very broad field, it has many interesting angles to cover in college or university papers. We’ve put together a great list of public policy topic for your essay, so carry on reading!


Undoubtedly, religion affects public policy. How does religion affect public policy in your home country? What can be done to ensure that public policy stays separate from religion in future?

Educational policy

Educational policy concerns how a country regulates its education system. Discuss your home country’s education policy and its broader consequences.


Sadly, ageism is rife in many sectors across the globe, including public policy in many countries. How does ageism influence public policy in your home country? Is there anything that can be done to prevent this from happening?

Climate change

Many countries are working on implementing public policy regarding climate change. Does your home country have any polices that attempt to halt climate change? Do these policies appear to be working?

Cultural anthropology

Cultural anthropology can be very useful when governments are trying to develop and implement new public policy. How can cultural anthropology assist in this process? Should cultural anthropologists be consulted in all major public policy decisions?

The media

The media has a major influence on a country’s public policy. How does the media affect public policy in your home country? Can the negative affects of this influence be mitigated in any way?

Foreign policy

Foreign policy is concerned with the way in which countries interact with each other on different levels. Discuss your home country’s foreign policy and its broader consequences.

Interest groups

Various interest groups have an influence on a county’s public policy. Which interest groups influence your home country’s public policy? Is their influence a good thing? Or does it cause unnecessary problems?


Globalisation is visible all over the world, and it has countless ramifications for public policy. How does globalisation affect public policy in your home country? Does your home country make any provision for globalisation terms of public policy?

Economic policy

Economic policy is concerned with how a country regulates its economy. Discuss the economic policy and its broader implications in your home country.