Writing A Comparative Critical Analysis Essay: Complete Instructions

In just about every field of study students are required to write papers comparing one idea with another, or one solution with alternatives, or one interpretation of data with another. These papers are usually required to either argue or support one of the ideas or to show why one opinion is better or worse than the other. Attention to detail is a critical aspect of these papers. Here are some guidelines that I hope will help you while writing a comparative critical analysis essay:

  1. Gather as much data as you can
  2. Most issues and situations in the world are complex and extensive, involving many parts and people so gathering all the data can prove impossible. It is necessary to make dedicated effort in acquiring a complete database of all data pertaining to the topic. Care must be taken to gather equally verifiable and relevant data on all subjects for analysis with no avenue being left unexplored.

  3. Organize your data
  4. A well designed system for proper notation and recording of data is a necessary feature of any analysis project. On many occasions, little mistakes due to improper data management has caused the failure of many promising research attempts. Be extremely careful when recording data, be sure each piece of data is recorded under the proper headings, be very careful not to mix your numbers up.

  5. Use proper layout
  6. An easy to read paper makes it much easier to understand. Either follow the instructions set by your professor or use any one of many accepted layouts that can be easily found online. Presenting your data in an easy to read manner ensures the reader understands the paper in the way you intend them to. Avoiding misunderstanding is most important when presenting any paper.

  7. Do not be biased
  8. Remember it is an analysis, not a proposal. Be careful to structure your data and analysis in an objective manner, let the reader decide on their own conclusion based on the information you present. Give each topic of discussion equal attention when presenting its features for analysis.

  9. Formulate a data supported conclusion
  10. If you are required to formulate a conclusion, be sure that it is supported by the information and data presented. Your conclusion can determine the overall effect of the essay and care should be taken to formulate it within the parameters of the information contained in the body of the paper.