How To Create A Good World History Comparative Essay: Effective Guidelines For Dummies

The story of the planet on which we all live is an exiting and diverse subject. It examines various civilizations how they survived, patterns of migration and how these peoples developed throughout history. More often than not students will be required to examine two distinct groups of peoples and compare and contrast various aspects of their lives. An essay of this nature is much simpler than it seems and the following guidelines will help you to write a good world history comparative essay in a few easy steps.

  • Select the subject of your comparison
  • Before you begin your essay you must decide which civilizations you want to write about. This may seem easy but this decision will determine how much or how little research you will need to do to develop the body of your essay.

  • Decide which aspects of the civilizations you wish to compare
  • This will determine the headings for your body paragraphs and guide your research. There is a multitude of information to sift through during your research and if you know exactly what to look for you can focus on specific areas thus saving yourself time and energy.

  • Introduce your topic
  • In your introduction clearly state the name and time period of each civilization and what aspects of their lives you intend to compare. This will not only make your essay easy to read but will provide you with a visual reminder of how your essay will flow.

  • Introduce the subjects of your essay
  • Although you mentioned your civilizations by name and stated the time period in which they existed you should demonstrate your knowledge of each group by giving as many historic facts about them as you can.

  • Expanding on each heading
  • Having already determined what aspects you will be comparing you can use these as headings and articulate the findings of your research. Be factual and use dates if available. Be descriptive but limit your use of flowery language.

  • Write a conclusion
  • Concisely state how these civilizations are similar and how they are different without restating your research. If appropriate mention how the world has benefited from the contributions of these peoples.

  • Check your spelling and grammar
  • This may be the most important thing that you do! A teacher may not see past spelling and grammatical errors even if your research is well done.