The Secret To Creating A Good Argumentative Essay On The Death Penalty

The issue of capital punishment is a heated one and is regarded differently around the world. While writing an argumentative essay you’ll have to indicate what are the advantages and disadvantages of it, and to determine your own viewpoint. Follow the tips below to cope with this task easily.

Getting Down to Write an Argumentative Essay

  1. Investigate the topic.
  2. Though you have to express your opinion, there’s no way to skip the research. Look into famous death penalty cases and decide whether they were justified. One of the arguments in favor of such punishment is that the state can save money, so you may also examine the statistics and prison budgets.

  3. Explore what has been done already.
  4. The death penalty is highly controversial, so there are plenty of scholars or journalists who have written about it. You don’t have to copy their stances. Their thoughts may be inspiring, you can agree or disagree and create your own outstanding piece of work.

  5. Identify your attitude.
  6. That is the core of your essay because you’ll select arguments and build the structure of the work according to the thesis. Think carefully if you’ll be able to support your position convincingly. You should be creative, original, but brief and clear in formulating it.

Effective Tricks to Organize Your Arguments

  1. Distribute the data.
  2. Once you’ve done research and decided on your stance, write down the arguments for and against capital punishment. Even if you’re a firm opponent of it, you’ll have to describe the contrary opinion, so be sure to pay due attention to both sides. Dedicate one paragraph to each of your ideas and include arguments for and against into it.

  3. Use a five-paragraph structure.
  4. This is the most popular and effective strategy. According to it, your essay will consist of an introduction, three paragraphs concerning different arguments, and a conclusion. If you want to write more, make sure your work is logical and has a beginning, the main body, and some final words.

  5. Show the facts.
  6. Apart from writing of your beliefs, support your ideas with examples, like the consequences of introducing the death penalty in different countries, methods they employ or the likelihood of people executed being innocent.

  7. Formulate an impressive conclusion.
  8. The point of it is not to restate the thesis using different words, but rather to reshape it, because you’ve obtained a lot of new evidence and discussed various standpoints. This part is the most important, so don’t neglect it.