A List Of Problem Solution Essay Topics For Elementary Students

Elementary students are really brain and heart wrecking to give a topic for essays. It is the age where they are so curious about anything yet they need to know a little about things that they are not ready for in order to avoid corrupting their minds with wrong perceptions.

Problem-solution essays are the kind of writing wherein you see a problem, and you give solutions to that problem and you defend them to be the most useful and effective solutions to that given problem. That alone, for an elementary student, can be a perfect combustion for noise or arguments. Elementary students are really speaking their minds. They already were even in their toddler years. They say their point of view as much as they can, you can’t shut them. Being able to cater to this kind of experience for kids can be a perfect time to let them know what they can do to be a better citizen.

Problem-solution essays that are to be given for elementary students are crucial and relevant for their development as an individual and as they step up to middle school. We cannot say they are adept at knowing the solution or even seeing the problem, but they are capable of having issues in their lives. So what are the possible problems these children may have that we can push through to make them talk and inspire others with their concerns.

Sample Problem-Solution Essay Topics for Elementary Students

  • What Kids Can Do to Stop Bullying, Teasing and Violence in School
  • Much as we all know children are very exposed to bullying, the strength of a simple teasing can cause heavier damage to bullying and later VIOLENCE. It is not always seen by the parents but is present in all forms via social media (Facebook, Snapchats and texts). As early as toddler age, children define who their friends are, and they do have their social group already. Being an outcast can sure be a problem.

  • How to reach my ambition
  • We all have that ambition in life, that one great American Dream. And children have theirs, too. Let them speak it out. It can lead to studying and graduating, saving their money or simply helping their moms at home as solutions. Who knows? It’s a surprise on what it might be.

  • How to become a good leader
  • A leader is someone who has followers, but to children what could a leader be? And how can they do it? Being the best? Going to follow the rules? Helping others?

  • What can be done to avoid racism?
  • Countries nowadays are a great pot of culture. We all have been mixed up due to travelling and source of income. But they sure are superior cultures. How can one avoid racism in schools, this can also be a link to bullying.

  • How to save Mother Nature?
  • With everything in the media, the Facebook newsfeed, and televisions, they sure have something to say about it.