A List Of Top-Quality Expository Essay Topic Examples

When writing an expository essay, it is necessary to remember that in this style the writing must be clear and simple. When checking over the question, the giveaways that you are being asked to write an expository essay are the words either “explain” or “define.” This is how you know that you are not being asked to give your opinion. All information must be presented to the reader in as unemotional way as possible. But that does not mean you should be dull.

One of the best ways to ruin the grade of any work is to show no insight into your audience: if you are writing about renewable energy for a competition run by an oil company you would phrase your facts differently from if you expected your writing to be read by an environmentalist.

Writing your essay.

  • When choosing a subject for your paper make sure that it is neither so broad that you cannot cover all the points in the limited space nor too narrow such that there is not enough evidence to make your point.
  • Organize all your notes into an outline. You might want to consider creating topic sentences for your paragraphs, which are connected to your thesis statement, at this point and adding them to your outline. This is one of the many ways to make writing easier.
  • Some people find writing the body paragraphs first and then writing your introduction and conclusion is easiest.
  • Some people need to write from start to finish in a continuous flow. Writing practice in class is all about finding the best way for you.

A selection of ideas.

  1. Do you have a favorite animal? Explain why.
  2. Explain why it is important to have rules in a school environment.
  3. Write a thank you not to the best teacher you ever had.
  4. If you could choose an historical figure to talk to for an afternoon, who would you pick? Give reasons.
  5. Are some lessons best learned outside of school? Which would those be and why?
  6. A travel agency offers a competition to win free trip to anywhere in the world, you just have to describe the best holiday ever.
  7. Write a letter to your grandchildren about how the world got to where it is in their day.
  8. Explain the worst way to study for your exams.
  9. Everyone has a book inside them. What would yours be about?
  10. Why do some teens commit suicide?