Writing An Argumentative Essay About Education: 10 Things To Consider

An argumentative essay is the kind of paper where students need to convince their audience of their ideas based on strong logics and authenticated facts. You need to choose an arguable topic and develop your stance or your core thesis statement. Based on your topic, you have to develop your major arguments for the body of the paper. It is best to divide your thesis statement into three equal parts and use each part to develop one major argument for each paragraph. Each body paragraph in your paper needs to have three or more supporting points in form of concrete examples, relevant facts, authenticated stats and strong logic. You must stay objective if you want to convince your readers because they will not want to believe something only because you feel so.

In order to write a great paper about education, you need to keep ten important things in mind

  1. Choose your niche carefully
  2. Education is a vast subject and you cannot address it completely in your essay. You need to break it down to different divisions and sub divisions to make your niche narrower and the paper relevant enough

  3. Develop an arguable topic

    When you select your niche, it is important to develop a topic that people can disagree upon. You cannot choose a statement of fact or consensus because that will not leave any flexibility for an argumentative paper

  4. Choose your thesis statement (optional)
  5. If the teacher requires you to include a thesis statement then you must include it by the end of your introduction paragraph

  6. Develop your major arguments
  7. This can be done be breaking down your thesis statement into equal parts or coming with logical ideas relevant to your paper

  8. Develop your counter arguments
  9. When you are writing an argumentative essay, it is important to present the counter arguments as well. You need to tell your readers why they are not valid enough and why you are right

  10. Prioritize your data in an organized manner
  11. Create an outline to be able to do this successfully

  12. Make each body paragraph unique in content and ideas
  13. Never repeat the same ideas and content in different body paragraphs of your essay

  14. Write the introduction and the conclusion at the end
  15. Stick to quality writing- avoid jargons, redundant ideas etc.
  16. Get a neutral opinion before submission