Academic Writing Tutorial: What Is A Personal Narrative Essay?

A personal narrative essay is the type of paper where the writer explains his personal experiences of an event where he learned something important, a good or bad deed, and a life-changing event, or an explanation of a visit to a physical location or meeting a certain person. This type of paper will require the user to use first person, as it is a narrative. The writer may or may not be a direct part of the events being narrated in the paper. It is important to note that when writing such assignments you have to use strong verbs and adverbs to describe how the events took place. It is better to develop a sound understanding of the assignment and its purpose before moving on to the writing section.

Any type of academic paper requires three stages to be completed and so will your personal narrative essay. The steps for writing your paper are as follows.

  1. Pre-writing
  2. In this stage, you should be able to gather all the data you want to include in your body and create a plan for your assignment. You need to take things one by one and deal with each step individually. You might be excited to start writing your assignment or overwhelmed with ideas to include in your assignment. You should make a list of all the ideas you have for the paper and choose one subject or topic for your assignment. You can break down the pre-writing step into different milestones like research, planning, topic selection, data collection, outline etc. This will make your task easier when you organize the details in one place.

    The outline is one of the most important features of pre writing because it is an extract of your research and data analysis. You will use the major points and bullets from this outline to write your essay.

  3. Writing
  4. Writing is the second step after you plan and create an effective outline for your paper. You will simply use all the major points from your outline to write the introduction, body, and conclusion of your paper. You can start the body first and write the introduction and conclusion later to act as a frame around your narrative.

  5. Post writing
  6. The last thing in your assignment is the post-writing step. This is where you will edit and proof read the entire assignment on your own.