Composing A Catchy Land Pollution Cause And Effect Essay

With the rapid advancements of technology and science, man’s life has also taken a drastic leap in terms of luxury and comfort. In order to meet the growing demand of elements for comfort, they in turn exploit the natural resources which results in pollution of every kind. Be it land, water or air- pollution has spread all over the world solely because of the follies of man.

The topic of pollution has become a widely popular topic for discussions and a very common topic for essays in schools and in environmental science projects. Population as a whole or types of population separately are the usual topics pursued in an essay. Composing an essay on land population is not a very difficult task. But the difficulty lies in making it interesting and thought provoking for the readers. The following tips will help you in composing a perfect cause and effect pattern on land pollution:

  • An introduction: begin with an introduction that is at once relative to the issue and provoking enough to insist the reader’s attention to continuing with this. You can begin your write-up mentioning the overall problem of pollution and how it is increasing by the day and this is harmful for the planet.
  • Organize your essay into small paragraphs: divide your writing into small paragraphs, dedicating each paragraph to a particular issue related to land pollution. Mention the cause of land pollution in one paragraph and the effects in the next. For precautionary measures and other ways of preventing land pollution, dedicate a third paragraph. Draw up a conclusion and seal the essay in its entirety.
  • Insert facts and data in support of your arguments: Your write-up will sound dull and monotonous if you only keep writing on the causes and effects alone. Insert facts of interest which are relevant to prevent the attention of your reader from ebbing.
  • Emphasize the solutions to the problems: Keep in mind that it should not be bordering on the negative alone. To neutralize the forebodings generated by the gravity of the topic end the essay on a light and positive note. Keep your facts correct: nothing is more disastrous than wrong facts. Do not mention a fact if you are not sure of it but being wrong with your information will only make your reader apprehensive of referring to your essay further.