Looking For A Free Persuasive Essay: 5 Useful Tips

Most students feel very positive about persuasive essays. This gives them the chance to cement a standing theory. Needless to say, there are lots of resources from where they can pick up the pieces.

Choose the topic wisely

Students should make sure to choose a relevant topic and moreover, a topic they believe in. You cannot place the ills of cell phones in an earnest manner if you are yourself a cell phone addict. Your choice is of immense importance and suggests your truthfulness about the subject.

Here are 5 places you will get persuasive essays for free

  1. On magazines – Most magazines keep publishing persuasive articles, where the writer tries to emphasize the merit of the topic in an unequivocal manner. You merely have to morph it into the desired format.
  2. On newspapers – The case is similar with newspapers, which have a reputation to savor and cannot indulge much in arguments. Thus, they take a stand and pen articles that lend credence to that stand.
  3. Your school – Your school must be having a slew of persuasive essays written by students in different classes. They tend to shortlist the best ones for future reference and may offer you the same for your guidance if they find your quest earnest.
  4. Past students – Now, the past students went through the persuasive essays in their times and may be having their pieces along with them. You just have to request them for the same to get a recent and analytical take on vivid subjects.
  5. Facebook assistance – Facebook tends to open its maw in literally every zone. You may ask for free persuasive essay on your profile and you will soon get dozens of relevant links you merely have to click to get the desired pieces.

Here are 10 persuasive essay topics for your convenience

  • Communication has the power to create both war and peace
  • Censorship is the catalyst which provokes and raises the standards of creativity
  • Cell phones are more a bane than a boon for the society
  • Hill stations are a better bet for vacations than seaside holiday spots
  • Medical negligence causes more deaths than automobile accidents
  • Sexual inadequacy dampens your confidence than a disabled organ
  • Bullies should be sympathized upon; not feared of
  • Racism is a bigger threat on humanity than weapons of mass destruction
  • For greater global development, it is necessary to place more women on top corporate positions all over
  • Nuclear families offer better scope of growth to children than joint families