Coming Up With Catchy Cause And Effect Essay Topics About Animals

Coming up with catchy cause and effect essay topics about animals should be relatively easy. Animals of all shapes and sizes bring about emotional responses from people of all shapes and sizes. An interesting topic is one that brings out that emotional response in the reader. All the writer has to do is come up with a theme that causes the reader to be angry or sad or empathetic or loving. Other ideas that will catch someone’s eye would be something they never saw before and bring out their sense of wonder.

Controversial topics

As you look for ideas to write about, think of the controversy that your essay will bring about. For example, many animals in the world may not be around for our grandchildren to enjoy. Many animals fall into this category such as elephants, gorillas and the rhinoceros. The causes of extinction may be due to human greed. Articles about this will educate people about atrocities and actually lead to the reader becoming proactive. Your essay can actually help protect some of these animals.

Picking a title

Many topics about animals will attract the attention of the reader just by reading the title. Words like starving, abused, or massacred will catch the reader’s eye. Your reader will already have an emotion building up inside of them and they won’t put your article down.

Finding a focus

People are born with the need to learn new things. All humans are naturally curious. Topics about animals they have never seen before will catch their eye. Again, words like peculiar, unusual, or strange will want your reader to pick up your essay.

So as a writer, you are given the burden about finding topics about animals that will cause emotion in your readers. That is really the only thing you have to think about. Whatever you decide to use as a title for your essay will begin to create this emotion and peak the reader’s interest. Anger, sadness, empathy, love, wonder, and amazement are just a few examples of what you want your reader to feel when he reads your cause and effect essay. The topic you choose on whatever animal you choose has to create that emotion. Your title will draw your reader into your article and your article will fully engulf them. Your goal is to illicit enough of a response so your reader will never want to put your essay down or better yet, may want the whole world to read it and will pass it along.