Asian Cuisine

Asian cuisine covers several regional cuisines such as East Asian, Southeast Asian, Central Asian as well as South Asian. Middle Eastern can be included as well. A cuisine is a set of cooking practices and traditions, usually related to a specific culture. Asia is the largest continent with its own characteristic cuisine. The common ingredients might include rice, ginger, garlic, dried onions, soy as well as tofu. However, the common ingredient characteristic to most Asian cuisine is rice. Curry is the common ingredient as well.

Famous Cuisines

Asian food is considered to be broad and it is divided into the most famous cuisines: on the one hand Chinese, Japanese and Korean food, and Indian and Thai food on the other hand. The Asian cuisines to be approached are the following:

  1. Chinese cuisine which is varied as the it features rice, beef and chicken with both sauce and vegetables in addition to soup and noodle dishes.
  2. Japanese cuisine having the most popular food types such as sushi and sashimi. This type of cuisine includes fresh fish and rice, very abundant in Japan. Teriyaki is a very popular Japanese cooking style where food is grilled in a sauce which melts soy, mirin and sugar, well-known as Teriyaki sauce.
  3. Korean cuisine which uses rice, vegetables and meats, being cooked in sauces, sides as well as spices. Famous dishes include Kimchi which is a fermented and spiced food.
  4. Thai cuisine which is characterized by fresh ingredients and many spices. A popular Thai dish is Pad Thai with flavor of bean sprouts, peanuts, lime juice as well as a wide variety of spices. Thai food includes fish, chicken and even pork as a main component of the dish.
  5. Indian cuisine having as a main flavor component which is curry, used for spice stews, soup, vegetables as well as other dishes. Indian food also uses different types of breads including Chapati, Puri as well as Nan served with stews and soups.

Various Regional Cuisines

The understanding of different Asian cuisines can help you select your menu for an Asian restaurant, choosing a particular region or give your guests a taste of the entire Asian continent. Asian food remains a source of different regional cuisines as Asia is the largest continent formed of hundreds of regions, countries and cultures. All in all, Asian cuisine encompasses a variety of different cultures and tastes.