A List Of Inspiring Argumentative Essay Topics On Japan

Japan is a diminutive country with huge hands and a big heart. It is a set of islands; pejoratively cut off from others by Nature and yet it keeps on jumping the wagon on its own. For many small countries, this archipelago stands as a living monument of inspiration.

  • Attracting essays
  • The country attracts scores of argumentative essays in global schools and colleges. It is forever thwarted and terrorized by earthquakes, being placed not very far from the Pacific Ring of Fire. It also faces inclement weather on most months of the year.

  • Varied topics
  • Your argumentative essay can raise an issue on its economic independence; how it keeps treading the trading charts. How the country mixes austerity with aggression in pursuing its dreams. How the country has managed to square off and get out of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki rut.

  • Destiny in hands
  • You may also talk about the way the Japanese people have stylized themselves in living in clusters or small spaces. They also live largely in cloth and wood houses to steer free of the earthquake terror. They keep the keys of destiny firmly in their hands.

  • Stress on infrastructure
  • Your argumentative essay can also indicate the emphasis Japan puts on its infrastructure; whether it is large-headed companies or motivated sportsmen. This emphasis is what has made Japan and Australia developed countries.

  • Considering the angles
  • You should keep all phases of the country in mind before advancing with the essay. You will have to consider the beating it took in the 2nd world War and how it emerged from there owing to its deep-rooted culture. Currently, it holds in its womb one of the world’s most developed cities: Tokyo.

Here is a list of 10 intriguing essay topics on Japan for your convenience –

  1. Is Japan going to be an economic threat to Asian markets in future?
  2. Has Japan completely overcome the bombings of ’45?
  3. Do countries like Japan and China actually benefit from the middle path of Buddha?
  4. Will Tokyo soon be too populated to bear its weight?
  5. Is egotism the major reason why Japan is reaching inexorable heights?
  6. Does Japan benefit from the UN view of it being a solitary and victimized country?
  7. Is Japan comparable to Taipei on many counts?
  8. Is Japan naturally equipped to fare well in games such as Judo and Gymnastics?
  9. Does Japan benefit more from Electronics or Defense?
  10. Will Japan ever be able to challenge USA’s expansion?