15 Up-To-Date High School Essay Topics On E-Commerce

With the advent of technology, the business world has not been left behind. It is one of the sectors that has adopted and embraced the good fruits of technology. This is evident especially for the electronic commerce (e-commerce) where people are simply transacting online with the help of their laptops, smart phones and desktops. This has realized an immense growth of the economy because many companies and business firms have grown and expanded their operations across the globe with the help of technology.

Perhaps this can form very lively topics of discussions among high school students. Below is a set of 15 essay topics on e-commerce that can be discussed at high school level:

  1. With the advent of e-commerce, the world has experienced a rapid rise in the economy. Discuss this citing an example.
  2. E-commerce has positively impacted on online marketing rendering it a choice for many to expand their business. Discuss.
  3. Discuss the advantages of electronic commerce to an individual.
  4. The internet technology has proved to be a tool for improving the methodology for doing business. Discuss the ethical and legal issues concerning the use of internet in business
  5. There seems to be similarities and difference between modern online shopping and traditional shopping. Compare and contrast the two.
  6. The e-commerce has brought a stiff health competition in the business sector. Discuss this sitting some examples.
  7. Discuss some of the setbacks that have made it difficult for all business firms to embrace the modern form of e-commerce.
  8. E-commerce has faced quite a lot of challenges in transforming the business sector. With aid of practical examples, discuss these challenges.
  9. As a result of embracing e-commerce in the business sector, employment has become scarce for many. Discuss the impact of e-commerce on the employment.
  10. E-commerce has had a lot of failures that have impacted negatively on the online business. Sitting examples support this statement.
  11. What is the impact of electronic commerce on online bribery and theft?
  12. Discuss the negative impact of electronic commerce on the traditional way of shopping.
  13. Many companies and business firms have benefited from e-commerce in various ways. Discuss.
  14. Mobile gadgets have been a major transformation in the business as far as e-commerce is concerned. Discuss their impact in business transformation.
  15. E-commerce has seen the rise of many fake commodities that have watered down the online market. Discuss the impact of this to the economy of many nations.