Pros And Cons Of Using Custom Writing Agencies: Vital Advice

Let us start with writing agencies and let us know what does the term custom writing agencies mean? Writing agencies or freelance writers are professional writers and experts, people hire them for formulating their assignments. They receive payment for their work. On the other hand, custom refers to something that is composed or written on demand according to your requirements.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. One should know the positive and negative aspects. Below are the facts that will help you in taking a decision.

Pros of using custom writing agencies

  • It is helpful because they do not have to bother to look up for the sites to gather the relative information as they are habitual of composing essays, term papers, research papers, dissertation, thesis and sample custom papers on daily basis.
  • They have the source and they are familiar with the research rules
  • They do not waste time in surfing useless sites
  • They are accustomed of writing patterns or formats like MLA and APA, essay structure and thesis structure
  • They are or hire writers who are either native or specialized in their relative field
  • They have already written a number of assignments on the given topic and they have the relative material, information and references
  • They save you time and efforts

Cons of using custom writing agencies

Beside the fact that these writing agencies have made student’s life easier, they also have some negative aspects as well. One must consider them before relying on them.

  • It could affect your creativity
  • You would have to rely on someone else for your own assignment
  • Being a student, you understand the requirements better than someone else does. The writer may not be able to produce the exact paper, as your teacher has demanded
  • Fear of plagiarism. They might hand a copied paper over to you and could make you feel embarrassed in front of your teacher. Your teacher or higher authorities could expel you from school on cheating them
  • They might charge you high fee
  • Risk of fraud and spam is always there. The site could be false or unoriginal and it could take your money and run away
  • The paper could be of low quality or it might contain grammatical or spelling errors and this way, it could result in rating you a low grade


After reading the above comparison, one could easily make his choice.