A Guide For Writing An Expository Essay About The Godfather

If you are looking to write a great expository essay about the Godfather, then you have come to the right place. Here you will be given a list of great essay questions that you can answer for your essay. These questions are all about the movie, not the book trilogy, but they are a good set of books, so you might want to read the rest of them. Here are some questions that you can use for your paper.


  • As you know, the Corleone family is in organized crime, but they still live by a code of conduct with is very important to the family. What do they say about Don Corleone and his family?
  • How does the way Don Corleone conduct his business compared to Virgil Sollozzo?
  • Explain Michael’s transformation from separating himself from the business to taking it over after Don is shot.
  • At the beginning of the film we are introduced to all of the Corleone family in the wedding scene, what is it that we learn about each character and how does this step up them in the rest of the film?
  • One of the main themes of the movie is to separate the business from their personal lives, which characters can do this and which ones cannot?
  • Looking at the gender roles in the film, how do the women in the film play in the life of the men? And what does the mean?
  • The big lie at the end of the movie that Michael tells Kay, do you think she bought it? Why or why? If you answer no, how is she skeptic?
  • Coppola approaches the movie to tell the capitalism that can be in mafia families. How does he convey this? Give examples of this with visuals and themes in the movie.
  • Look at Michael’s two marriages to Apollonia and Kay, how do they differ and is this because of the different stages in his life? What do they represent?
  • The scene of Don and Michael in the garden was an emotional moment for father and son, but Coppola didn’t write it, he had Robert Towne write it because he wanted more emotion. This scene changed the way you see the characters but how?
  • Was this movie a good adaptation of the book or were they way off the mark? Why or Why not?

These ideas will guide you in your writing on the topic of The Godfather. Pay close attention to the themes in the movie to show your understanding of the film.