Hunger Games

The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins is a set of three books, whose story has been set in an imaginary futuristic kingdom called The Hunger Universe. The three novels included in this trilogy are The Hunger Games published in 2008, Catching Fire published in 2009, and Mockingjay which was published in 2010. All these novels have been adapted into films. As John Green has written in The New York Times, these books have gone beyond their purpose in showing us the terrifying future that lies ahead with the help of excellent imagination and perfect characterization.

The Hunger Games has been set in the farthest future, when climate change has reduced the human population, and the remaining people has to wage war to get the food for their survival. The story begins in the country of Panem, which has 12 districts and a wealthy capital. The Hunger Games are arranged by the capital to commemorate the occasion of an unsuccessful revolt by the 13th district, which has been demolished.

One boy and one girl is selected from every district to take part in the brutal war of survival, where only one winner can return alive by killing all the other participants. The protagonist of the book, Katniss comes forward in place of her little sister to take part in the games from her district. These games are shown live on TV throughout Panem like a reality show. A childhood friend, Peeta, is also selected from Katniss’ district, which brings a twist in the story as he has once saved her life when she was starving.

In the beginning, Katniss does not believe her to win these games, but eventually she gains confidence. When rule is changed to declare both surviving persons winners if they belong from the same district, Katniss and Peeta start working as a team. Though she develops feelings for Peeta, she cannot tell if these are real of fake. The writer has used very vibrant vocabulary to describe the tense emotional struggle between the characters, and the reader feels engrossed in the situation by sympathizing with the characters.

Though this is an exceptionally emotional novel series that grips reader’s attention with its plot full of drama, parents should be careful when allowing their teen aged children to read it. The story of 24 teenagers fighting the battle of survival by killing the rivals with all kind of weapons like spears, arrows, rocks, knives, and by hand can badly affect their innocent minds. The books include a lot of violence on teens through teens, so parents should be extremely careful while allowing their children to read this trilogy.