Top 25 Most Interesting Essay Topics On Food And Culture

There are so many different types of topics that you can write about these days. When you are asked to present a strong paper on food and culture, it is important that you try to use resources like this site to help you come up with the relevant ideas. The following are some topics that you can write about:

  1. Discuss how the music we listen to influences the friendships we keep
  2. Explain the importance of pop culture in the society
  3. Discuss the value of counterculture
  4. Explain why involvement in societies online is misleading
  5. Discuss how the internet has changed perceptions on popular culture
  6. Discuss the ethical responsibilities of artists
  7. The American soap opera is on its deathbed. Discuss
  8. Explain how celebrity worship affects people
  9. Explain the pervasiveness of racism and sexism in the world today
  10. Discuss vehicles of change in our society, championed through pop culture
  11. Explain why talented musicians opt to churn low quality music, but high sex appeal, and it sells
  12. 50 Shades of Grey is one of the most popular books in the world. However, most reviews consider it to be garbage. Discuss what this tells us about the society
  13. Explain the role that social media has in the kind of films that we choose to watch, or who we go to see them with
  14. Discuss the role that piracy plays in the entertainment industry, to a positive aspect
  15. Discuss the importance of keeping a diet, and reaping benefits thereof
  16. Explain why most of the diets we see on the internet cannot provide the necessary benefits that users need
  17. Discuss the different types of antioxidants that are available in commercial foods that we eat from time to time
  18. Explain who teenage girls these days tend to struggle so much with anorexia than their counterparts from back in the day.
  19. How important is it to get information on your body mass index?
  20. Discuss the challenges of malnutrition in the world at the moment
  21. Explain how to taste wine like a professional
  22. Discuss the relationship between child obesity and eating disorders
  23. Explain some of the long term effects of consuming vitamin and mineral supplements
  24. Describe the challenges that caffeine users face over the long term
  25. Dieting and weight loss. Is dieting a healthy option to losing weight?