Practical Advice On How To Write A High School Senior Essay

Writing an essay, even if it is a simple one, can be a trouble sometimes. You need to have some experience in this, not to mention that the requirements of your professor are not exactly simple. The right topic is hard to find and you have to spend plenty of time making research. All this scares you? Don’t worry; here are some practical tips on how to write an outstanding essay:

  • Search for a new topic. There are many ideas that you can take from the internet, but mostly one of your colleagues already wrote about this. You need something that is happening now, that will influence the life of the community and that will keep your colleagues interested. Newspapers and magazines can be a great source of inspiration when you don’t know what to do.

  • Create an outline before anything else. Once you found the right topic, you might be tempted to start writing right away. No matter how excited you are, you have to remember how important it is to have a good structure for your composition. An outline will help you achieve this without too much effort; you just have to split the information in a few chapters and arrange it in a good order. When you will actually start writing you will know exactly what you have to do and you will not forget any important idea.

  • Use quotations and references in your text. Even if your composition is one page or ten pages long, you need to make it look complete and polished. It’s always recommended to explore more than one perspective in your assignment. In this way your professor will see that you took your time to make research and you considered every opinion before forming your own. Don’t forget to mention the author and the publication when you introduce a quote.

  • Don’t be scared to express your thoughts. If your topic is controversial, you can feel pressured to agree with the public instead of supporting your ideas. However, there is no right or wrong in this; you just have to say what you think and why. Your professor will appreciate your honesty.

  • Create a memorable conclusion. Many students put all their effort into the body of the text but they forget how important the conclusion is. It is the last part of your text that your classmates will remember, so make it count.