Free Essay Help: Composing A Strong Paper From Scratch

Are you worried because you need to come up with a great essay from scratch? Are you not so confident about your writing skills or hold of the subject?

If you are not sure how to start your essay writing process, or do not know if you will be able to complete a winning paper, then you need to follow a gradual process. Below are some basic steps you need to take in order to complete a strong paper from scratch.

  1. Understand the subject you have to write about
  2. Know the requirements clearly
  3. Draw a flow chart to divide your subject
  4. Choose the area that you are most comfortable with
  5. Find a gap to address with your topic
  6. Choose your topic after brainstorming and elimination
  7. Develop your major arguments for each topic individually
  8. Find relevant supporting evidence
  9. Each argument needs to have three or more supporting points if you want to strengthen your stance in the essay. Only use that topic and major arguments for which you find relevant and authenticated data

  10. Create a clear and concise outline
  11. If you want to save time and reduce efforts, then an outline is the best solution for you. It helps you keep track of all the important points in your paper and lets you finish early

  12. Write the body of your paper
  13. Use the points in your outline to come up with a first draft of your paper. Only write the main body first where you present your major arguments and support them with evidence. This way you will have the main body and only need to construct the conclusion and introduction around it.

  14. Write the introduction and conclusion at the end
  15. No, I do not mean you need to change the traditional format of essay writing. The format will stay, as it is introduction, body, and conclusion. What I mean is that you should write these two paragraphs after completing the body so the overall direction of your paper stays the same.

  16. Edit and proofread for better presentation
  17. This is very vital to check your paper for grammar and spelling mistakes even if you compose it with attention. This part counts for 10% in your overall assignment, however, this 10% can make a huge difference in overall quality and presentation of your paper