5 Basic Things To Remember Searching For Examples Of Essays For College

Many students today are turning to example essays to help them write their own college papers. Whether you’re looking for a place to start research or want to model your paper’s structure after a structure that you know works, the first step to successfully using an essay example is to find a paper in the first place!

  1. Always double-check the facts. When you find a sample essay that you plan to base your own essay on, double-check the facts and concepts within the paper against other sources. You don’t really know anything about who wrote that paper or where it came from, so why should you trust that the information is accurate? The last thing you want is to have points taken off your own paper because you used wrong information! Any statistic or fact in your paper should be fact-checked before you turn it in.
  2. Make sure the sample meets your classes’ guidelines. Not every teacher is the same, so an example essay that worked well in one class may not do the same in another. Make sure the example essay you find is up to the academic caliber your professor expects, as well as checking how many sources, and what sort of sources, it uses. Of course, if you’re only using it as an example, you can always improve on what’s already in the paper, but you’re better off finding an example paper that gives you what you need in the first place!
  3. Start online. When you actually start looking for an essay sample, start online. There are literally thousands of papers available for free online that you can use to help start your own paper! Of course, you must be wary of factual errors and shoddy writing, because for every great paper on the internet there are four bad papers!
  4. There’s always the library! If you’re not having any luck online, consider making a trip to your school’s library. There are tons of resources for you to use in the library, from physical books to an extensive online catalogue. Ask the librarian to help you find what you need.
  5. Never hand in a sample paper word-for-word. No matter what you do, never hand in a paper you’re using as a sample as your actual paper. There is a lot of sophisticated anti-plagiarism technology available today that professors use to catch students cheating, and you don’t want to end up in trouble with your school! Trust that if it was easy for you to find, it’ll be easy for your professor to find, too!