What are the qualities of a winning academic essay?

The word to take notice of in the title of this article is winning. What makes an academic essay one which wins? Well if it is a competitive type of essays such as in a college application essay, then the best essay is the one which wins the writer a place at the University. But if it is an essay which receives a mark, a poor score according to the opinion of the teacher or professor, then a winning essay is one which receives very high marks even a distinction. So what are the qualities of a winning academic essay?

  • The choice of topic is obviously a wise one.
  • The writer answers the question or sticks to the topic.
  • The essay starts with a bang and goes on to prove its point.
  • The essay uses fewer rather than the more words and sticks to the required number of words.
  • There are no spelling or grammatical errors and the writing is easy to understand.

It is so obvious to see when a student has chosen well as far as the topic of their essay is concerned. Their interest in the topic, maybe even their passion in the topic, shines through in their writing. The opposite applies when it comes to a bad choice of topic.

If there is a question to be answered in the essay or if there is a point to be made as outlined in the thesis statement, then a winning academic essay will be right on the money. The reader of the essay will be in no doubt as to the answer provided by best essay writers online or to the reasoning to support their argument.

The opening of any essay is always important. A winning academic essay will grab the attention of the reader right from the beginning. Of course there's much more to the essay than just the opening but a great essay will have a great opening.

And without a doubt there will be obvious signs that the writer of the essay has gone out of their way to proofread their work. There will be no errors and there will be ample evidence that the writing has come as a result of a meaningful outline used in the creation of this winning academic essay.

Writing in a wishy-washy or vague way will not constitute a winning academic essay. Less is more is always a good rule to follow. A winning academic essay will have precise and interesting prose and will keep to the requirement of a number of words listed.